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We are a young team with a global ambition!

In 2014 two sisters in Poland; Milena and Ilona Krawczynskie opened up their first Fit and Jump studio in their city hoping that they would bring together some fitness enthusiasts to try out this new workout routine. Two years later, they own four other locations with over 200 franchises around Poland and Europe and are still growing.

In March 2016, following the trend of a thriving fitness platform in Europe, we decided to open the first Fit and Jump classes in Canada, transforming it into a big success.
We offered the first Fit and Jump class in Toronto. At the beginning only a few people came to the studio for each class. Now we get over 100 attendants per week. This has given us the ability and motivation to keep on working, and now we’re getting ready to open the first Fit and Jump studio in Canada with a full training program based around trampolines. We want to showcase all the benefits and advantages of this sport!

Our ambition is to popularize Trampoline Fitness and its advantages in North America. We want to share our passion and let people know how much joy they can get out of jumping



Fit and Jump is an innovative form of excercise. Our sessions are really fun and the workouts are safe for the joints. While you jump you strengthen your postural muscles and burn fat.

What is unique about it is how it is both easy and intense. During a one-hour workout you burn more than you would with the traditional aerobics class.
The Fit and Jump Program consists of two key elements; jumping (aerobic cardio) and full body strengthening. It burns fat, improves physical endurance, coordination, strengthens muscles, improves your mood, reduces stress and tension, while at the same time you have a lot of fun!

  • CARDIO JUMPING and TONING, which give you tones of benefits!
  • LOW IMPACT - safe for the joints.
  • STRENGTHENS postural muscles.
  • IMPROVES physical endurance and coordination.
  • INTENSE FAT BURN - You can burn up to 800 calories during one hour.
  • REDUCES STRESS AND TENSION and improves mood.
  • Intense and SIMPLE WORKOUT.
  • The trampoline gives you your own PERSONAL SPACE.
  • PROMOTES WEIGHT LOSS and boosts your metabolism.

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