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Technical information


As a first on the market our trampolines have a modern fixing system. A simple clip will help you to store and transport the trampolines easily!

Frame diameter – 126 cm / 49.6"
Frame height – 126 cm / 49.6"
Mat diameter – 101 cm / 39.8"
Holder height – adjustable from 112 to 125 cm / 44"-49"
Max capacity – 120 kg / 264.5 lbs

Frame – made from high quality steel. Every weld is made by automated machinery.

Frame joints – give you extra stability. Pressed joints prevent the trampolines from losing tightness during workouts. Disassemblage is very easy and takes only a few seconds.

Hand holder – proper length guarantees adequate assistance during training.

Mat – made from polypropylene mesh PP – guarantees durability. It is effective either for jumping or crunches and other exercises.

Rubber string – It attaches the mat to the frame and provides flexibility and cushioning.

Rubber tops – strengthened with metal pins, preventing the floor from being scratched and providing adhesion. Available in 2 colours – black and blue.

Role of the trampoline image

Fit and Jump trampolines

The role that trampolines can play in sports training and rehabilitation is often underestimated.

This modern form of exercise is known for long intense sessions of physical activity as well as improves endurance in an easy and pleasant way, while bettering the mood and spiritual wellbeing of the trainees.

Exercises are based on the constant unbalance of the muscles while using static and dynamic stability exercises which is assisted by the cushioning mat as a comfort aid. Engaging the natural stabilizing functions of the nervous system -  proprioception and coordination - is the key factor to creating proper impulse flow through the nerves. Safety is increased and the risk of injury is decreased thanks to the proper use of muscles and joints.

Injury prevention

A natural from of protection from injuries is to force the biomechanical system to perform cocontractions – that means that muscles all around the joints are forced to contract. It is a crucial element of prevention because creating a proper contraction prevents injuries. It is vital for physiotherapists or coaches to have knowledge of either sport rehabilitation or neurophysiology. Understanding these aspects and making connections based on experience, gives us practically unlimited options of sensorimotor exercises.

Trampolines can be used also during regular training programs and during personal training routines as a tool that can correct our balance. They are also used as cardio equipment for rapid fat burn and muscle group engagement as well as stimulation for the motor system. It relieves the joints by improving active stabilization mechanisms and restoring general balance in this complex system.


Fit and Jump equipment can be used in specialized rehabilitation with patients after ACL, MCL and PCL treatment and meniscus, arm, hand or joint damage. To do that it is essential to adapt the workout program based on neurophysiological methods. Trampolines can be used at practically every step of the treatment until proper proprioception is restored. Either fresh or sub-acute contusions can be treated with properly adapted rehabilitation programs.

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